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A big part of the American dream is to own your own beautiful home, and for a lot of people, they more specifically want to build your own home in your own vision. Building a home is an expensive and lengthy process – estimated to take anywhere from 3 to 7 months total. The journey requires a million little details and decisions, but if your dream is to build a home then that won’t deter you. You’ll reap the benefits of owning a brand new home when you have low energy costs and fewer maintenance calls. Don’t forget the peace of mind that comes with your new home being under warranty.  

One question you might have is if you actually need to hire a Realtor if you’re building a new home and the answer is yes. Home builders will have their own agents, but it’s important to remember that they will have the builder’s interest as their top concern. 

How a Realtor Can Help 

When you work with a Realtor on a new home build, their top concern will be you and making sure all of your needs are met. Make sure you don’t go officially check out the model home or builder for the first time without your realtor. You may lose the opportunity to let one represent you during your home buying journey. 

If you were considering not hiring a realtor in order to save money, it would most likely not work out that way. In most cases, your Realtor will be paid a commission from the home builder. This means that you don’t pay your Realtor directly. If you decided not to hire a Realtor, those fees will likely go to the builder’s agent or put back into the builder’s marketing budget. It’s no extra cost for you and they ensure you get the best possible deal. 

Pros for Working with a Realtor Instead of Working with the Builder’s Agent 

The builder’s agents will be looking out for the builder’s interests over your interests. This is why you need a Realtor in your corner to negotiate for you. If you didn’t have a Realtor, you might overlook things like getting the home inspected since it is brand new. That would be a huge mistake and it’s likely that your builder’s agent won’t recommend one. 

Your agent will be able to help you set up the necessary inspections of the home with a licensed home inspector. That will cut headache costs for you in the future if something in the plumbing or wiring was overlooked during construction.

Another big reason you need an agent is to help with contracts. Unless you are well-versed in builder’s contracts, you’ll definitely want your own agent who will be familiar with these kinds of purchase agreements. They will know what to look out for and how to negotiate on your behalf. This is important when you want to include upgrades and floor plan changes but would like to lower those price points. Builders are not likely to negotiate on lowering the cost of the home, as it would be unfair to other recent buyers. They also don’t want to lower the value of their homes, but will likely negotiate on upgrades.

What to Look for in a Builder 

You will want to shop around for home building companies before you start shopping for a custom home. Search online for news on top home builders in your preferred area and look out for testimonials on review websites and social media. Then pull your information together and discuss your preferences with your agent.  A good Realtor will know the reputations of the builders available in your area. They’ll be able to give you recommendations for builders and will know their quality of work.

Builders will usually offer to finance, so be sure to discuss with your Realtor if this is the best financing option for you. Realtors will be able to connect you with other quality lenders that have financing options that may be better for your situation. 

How to Research a Neighborhood/City 

When buying a new home build, you will want to visit the area before committing to searching for a new home there. Drive around. Time what your commute to work would be, and test out how long it would take for your kids to get to school. You don’t want to move into your new home only to realize the commute is not what you had in mind.  

If it’s not a private neighborhood, make sure to visit the area and walk around. You may want to try talking with past buyers and look up online reviews. Look up the areas where you would like your new home build to be online. Then see what your Realtor knows about the sites and the builder’s reputations before committing to putting in an offer on a new home. 


To get the best possible deal on your new home build, you’ll want a Realtor present to negotiate expertly on your behalf. They will make sure everything is in writing so that anything the builders have promised you doesn’t get left out of the contracts. You’ll want to remember this because you’re not buying the model home – which features all of the upgrades that the builder is advertising and is not the standard version of the home builds for sale. Your Realtor may be able to negotiate upgrades for lower price points than you would on your own. 

If you choose to buy a new home build, remember not to officially visit the builder’s site or model home for the first time without a Realtor or you may lose the chance to let one represent you during the journey of buying a new home build. If you’re looking for a home in the Roseville area please contact a Realtor here at Quantum Real Estate. 

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