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"He’s responsive and knowledgeable of his market and is a professional in every sense of the word"

Zac went above and beyond in helping my wife and I find a home from out of state with little time to search. He's responsive and knowledgeable of his market and is a professional in every sense of the word. If we ever have a need for a Realtor again in this area, Zac is our guy, no questions asked.

- Client

"Zac Bacon is incredible and I very highly recommend him"

Had been in a 3 1/2 year Estate battle and 2 years ago the judge requested each side to submit potential brokers rather quickly so I researched (my short notice way) and picked the best looking one whom the judge decided on to! Turns out Zac Bacon not only has looks but he is excellent at his profession, very personable and takes his job seriously. The Estate home sold within days of listing and Zac could not have found a better purchaser. Zac Bacon is incredible and I very highly recommend him.

- Danielle D.

"Until I’m dead or he retires, Zac will be the only agent I go to when buying or selling a home."

Until I'm dead or he retires, Zac will be the only agent I go to when buying or selling a home. He is knowledgeable and super responsive, so I never worried he didn't have everything 100% under control. He negotiated everything to our advantage, but wouldn't take the credit when I thanked him for it. I wish I could give him 10 stars!

- Kelsey L.

"The best real estate broker that we’ve had the pleasure of working with – 
a first class experience from beginning to end!"

It was an absolute pleasure having Zac as our broker on the recent sale of our home in Granite Bay. We had previously tried unsuccessfully to sell our home with three other brokers in the area before we finally found Zac. The difference in his attitude and approach when compared to our previous brokers was apparent from the first conversation we had with him. Most brokers bragged about how successful they were or how many deals they’ve worked on. Zac was more interested in understanding our needs and preferences as a client. He is by far and away the most reliable, trustworthy, and client-focused broker that we’ve come across. He genuinely takes the time to listen to and understand his client’s needs and preferences. Zac was extremely patient with us and went above and beyond to get the job done on our terms. Any broker can sell a home if you lower the price enough. Great brokers are patient enough to put in the effort to find the right buyer at the right price. Zac never gave up on our home and brought creative ideas to the table that were instrumental in the eventual sale of our home. Our situation was also complicated by the fact that we had moved out of state prior putting the home for sale on the market. We were frustrated with previous brokers that were simply too busy to provide us with updates or acted like they were being bothered whenever we reached out to them. From the moment we hired Zac, he was already e-mailing us photos showing us the condition the home and what items needed to be addressed. Zac is an excellent and proactive communicator with impeccable attention to detail. Living out of state, we appreciated his frequent and thorough updates as well as his industry expertise and guidance throughout the sale process. Zac is a first class professional that truly excels at providing exceptional client service. We would highly recommend Zac to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Granite Bay and the greater Sacramento area!

- Socorro M.

"I would highly recommend Zac without any hesitation"

Zac was recommended to us through word of mouth from our agent in Washington. My wife and I found Zac to be very personable and easy to work with. He has so many strengths which made the house hunting process so much simpler and less stressful than it could have otherwise been. We were told that Zac would work relentlessly for us and we found this to be absolutely true. My wife and I interviewed him by phone and quickly found we were all on the same page. We then met in person during a follow up trip to California for work and he worked tirelessly to help find us our dream home. We found Zac very informative not just about the local real estate market, but also about the local areas, schools, neighborhoods, restaurants, etc that really helped us make our ultimate purchase decision. Additionally, we found him to be a great negotiator and he was able to follow through on all of our requests. He does it all with a genuine smile on his face that comes through in our interactions in person as well as on the phone. He continues to stay connected to all of his clients even after the sale of the house, for random items that come up as well as just for fun events he holds for all his clients. He is now considered a family friend. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Zac without any hesitation to help with any of your real estate needs. I have no doubt that he will be an extremely positive asset to your real estate needs and beyond.

- Matthew C.

"He is a sincerely great guy and an equally great realtor."

Much like yourself, a lot of my judgment in choosing Zac to be our realtor was based on gut, but to verbalize it, a feeling that he would be able to meet our (high) expectations while managing our sometimes challenging dynamic.  Prior to Zac, my husband would swear up and down that realtors were evil and worse than lawyers.  He doesn’t have patience for fluff, doesn’t appreciate people who aren’t experts in their field and people who push their own agenda regardless of others.  My husband does not have an easy going personality!  ;).  Our End result — my husband feels like we had a great experience and great result due to Zac.  We love our house, feel like we got a good deal and Zac managed the timing extremely well.  More surprisingly and better yet, Zac has become my husband’s true friend.
Zac has a very easy going style but moves quickly, is super responsive, and listens well.  He would happily and quickly shift gears and adjust to the situation at hand.  Zac was never rude, sarcastic or presumptuous.  He is a sincerely great guy and an equally great realtor.

 One of my favorite things about Zac is that he tells you what he knows but if he doesn’t know, he says, let me find that out and will dig to get the answer and come back.  I find this a rare quality in most humans...  others will make up what they think is the answer or move onto another subject or make it seem irrelevant.  Not Zac.  He has no issue admitting what he doesn’t know and then goes and gets the answer, quickly.

I don’t know all of Zac’s statistics but I know that the only statistic that matters to Zac is that you get the end result you want and will be happy.  I would tell you every client of Zac’s I’ve had the opportunity to meet is happy with their end result.   And, Zac will make sure you have fun going through the process!  He has a good sense of humor, a lot of patience and is just a really good guy .... I am confident you will not be disappointed in choosing Zac and a year from now you’ll be writing this reference note yourself!!!  ;)

- Lisa H.

"I can’t say enough positive things about Zac!"

I can't say enough positive things about Zac! He was the second realtor we used and the difference between him and our previous realtor was night and day! He was accommodating to our schedule, whether it be meeting at 8pm or going three or four times to see a house. He was always available by email, call, or text and was QUICK to respond! Zac went above and beyond expectations. He handled all the closing steps and reported back on how it was progressing. His laid back attitude, non-pushy mannerism, and great professionalism made buying our first home easier than it would have been using a different realtor. I highly recommend him without any doubts! Good luck to all selling or buying a house! (Although, if you use Zac Bacon, you will not need it!)

- Katie Y.

"I was very impressed with how honest and helpful Zac was"

I want people to be aware of how hard working, dedicated, and professional Zac is as a real estate agent. I was very impressed with how honest and helpful Zac was when discussing current market value and market trends. He is the type of person that won't over promise and tell the client he can get whatever the clients asking price is. I think a lot of agents do that just to have more listings. Zac will take the time to properly educate you before moving forward. I would recommend Zac to anyone who is in the market to buy or sell there home.

- Kevin M.

"For a first time home buyer I would definitely refer Zac to anyone"

I was a first time home buyer and Zac was referred by a coworker who had a great experience working with him. He was exactly what she said about his work ethic, knowledge and more. He drove from Roseville to Elk Grove to Galt to look at houses that I liked. And this went on for 6 months until My girlfriend and I found our perfect first home. Zac was very patient and understanding to our needs. Even though some off it was unrealistic. He really looked out for our best interest, he always suggested to offer with in our means or what was comfortable for our financial situation. He always answered questions we had even if it was 2 am through email, text or phone call, he was always their for us. For a first time home buyer I would definitely refer Zac to anyone. He is very smart and funny, It didn't feel like i was looking for houses with a Realtor, but more like hanging out with a close friend. It was a great experience working with Zac I feel like i gained a new good friend.

- Michael M.

"It was such an amazing experience I can’t thank and praise him justly"

Zac was recommended to us from our mortgage broker over at Summit Funding. We were told that if we wanted a home in Roseville area that he was the man to help us on our journey. We have had 3 other realtors in the past that didn't seem to get the job done so we were a little nervous about home shopping again. Our first meeting with Zac went smoothly and his approach with us worked well. Professional but also realistic (firs time homeowner here). Everyone starts out with their must haves and as the market produces more homes, the must haves shift to needs and wants. Zac was very patient as we transitioned our must haves and our expectations of what we thought we wanted to what was available on the market. My husband and mine's goal was get a home we can grow into and in the end, that's exactly what we got. We even stayed below our budget thanks to Zac's expertise in the market values! Zac and his team worked so well with our mortgage group that I never had to worry if something was getting done or not. I felt I was well prepared for any documents sent to me for signing and overall it was such an amazing experience I can't thank and praise him justly. Zac also showed up at our final escrow document signing along with our mortgage broker just to make sure that we had all the support we needed. We would work again with him in the future and wouldn't hesitate to refer him to ALL our friends, family and random stranger.

- Sherri C.

"He made our crazy buying experience as painless as possible"

Zac has been an amazing agent to work with! He is thorough, thoughtful, competent and quick! He made our crazy buying experience as painless as possible. He returned calls and emails in a timely manner and never lost communication with us. I would recommend Zac to anyone looking to purchase a home in the Sacramento area!

- Rebecca P.

"I would highly recommend Zac and will certainly work with him again if were to purchase and/or sell a home in the future"

It was a pleasure working with Zac on the recent purchase of our home. Not only did Zac excel at all technical skills of a real estate agent (timeliness, industry knowledge, professionalism, offers negotiation, etc.) he was also extremely reliable, realistic, and caring. With regards to his practical knowledge he was able to educate me and my wife as we viewed homes. Zac would point out various positive and/or negative aspects of each home so that we could make the best decision possible for our family. Zac also ensured the overall closing process continued to move forward by working directly with the seller's realtor, the lender, and the title company. Furthermore, Zac is very personable which is a great plus since many hours were spent looking at homes. I would highly recommend Zac and will certainly work with him again if were to purchase and/or sell a home in the future.

- Zach U.

"We would recommend him to anyone"

Couldn't have asked for a better Realtor experience in purchasing our home! My wife and I relocated to Roseville, CA from Richmond, VA in late September 2014. We reached out to Zac while house hunting in the Roseville area during summer 2014 and after our initial meeting, we knew we had the right Realtor. While we experienced certain challenges in having to relocate across the country with no other contacts in town but Zac, he went above and beyond in ensuring our transition was as seamless as possible. From spending many hours driving us around to look at houses and familiarize us with the area, to providing expert advice in the purchase process, overseeing our inspection and advising us on contractors and service providers after move in, Zac was a vital component of our move. When we have the need for a Realtor again, Zac is, no doubt, our guy. We would recommend him to anyone.

- Ryan R.

"Organized, knowledgeable, genuinely cares about his clients"

Zac Bacon is truly the best! We were very fortunate and blessed to have found Zac. He's the only realtor that we found that is organized, knowledgeable, genuinely cares about his clients (and not just the sale), and calls you back! He's also patient! He never rushes you through a house (since we usually take no less than 45 minutes to an hour at each house...and I ask a ton of questions) nor does Zac pressure you to put in an offer on a house. He's extremely knowledgeable in construction, too. There were houses that he steered us away from because of issues that he saw like cracks in the ceiling that were covered up or some other odd thing that just didn't look right. He knew of approximate costs to fix things which was great. When my family was on vacation while we were still looking for a house, Zac kept his eye on the market for us, even looked at homes while we were gone, then showed us those homes after we came back. And he only showed us the houses that he knew I would like. We ended up buying a house in Rocklin and closed October 2011 (so this review is way overdue). It was a short sale situation and Zac was on top of everything the whole time. Again, he also kept me patient through the whole process. My parents wanted to buy a house in either Rocklin or Lake of the Pines in the fall of 2012. Zac always made himself available and spent sometimes hours on a Friday afternoon and evening going to Lake of the Pines looking at pretty much every house available. Sometimes we went up a couple of times a week. I highly recommend Zac Bacon to be your realtor. He works long hours and works hard for his clients...regardless if he's listing your property or if you're buying one. He helps you with the whole process. Zac is honest...honest...honest!!! I emphasize this because I can't tell you how many realtors we came across that I felt like they didn't care about ME...only the sale. Zac is not that kind of realtor or person...he's just so dependable and honest. Truly wants the best for you. He's a super nice person, too.

- Pauline S.

"Zac was an absolute joy to work with"

This review is long overdue. A few months ago we decided to sell our starter home. I'm sure as most of you know, it is an extremely stressful process. The showings, the paperwork and simply the waiting game drives me crazy. Luckily we had the best realtor ever! Zac was an absolute joy to work with. He was soooo patient with us and walked us through the entire process step by step. He is professional, responsible and best of all, not hard to get ahold of. As a result, we successfully sold our home in just 6 days! I'm not sure how he did it but we could not have asked for a better outcome. Thank you Zac! We will definitely be calling when we are ready to start the search for our next home.

- Alena M.